Our Story



Enams Place is your one stop shop for all services related to natural hair and dreadlocks care. Located in the heart of Ghana's premier university, the University of Ghana. We provide superior and quality service to our clients from all over the world.

Our location plays a key role in our success story as it can easily be located even by someone who visits Ghana for the first time.

Enam’s place was co-founded by me, Enam Klutse in 2015 right after I completed my First Degree from the University of Ghana.

Whiles in school I developed a keen interest in natural hair care. At the time I was keeping natural hair and was always moving between salons looking for the perfect stylist to care for my hair. It was a herculean task. Many of the places I visited had stylists who had little to no knowledge about natural hair care so they were quick to suggest chemical treatments to me. This was just out of the question! I decided to merge my passion for haircare and entrepreneurship to help others who were in the same predicament as myself. Enam's Place was born!

To be honest, it wasn't all smooth sailing. Between motherhood and completing my Masters Degree in Strategic Marketing my hands were full.  After some time in business I decided to carve a niche in Dreadlocks which was an emerging trend in Ghana. This quickly lifted the name of the brand high as we became one of the few salons that were offering quality dreadlocks installation and maintenance services.

We became a destination for both locals and people who visited Ghana for holidays to maintain their locs. Along the way, I paid heed to the call of some well meaning clients who wanted to jump start their dreadlocks journey and then started another related brand, Enam’s Locs. The journey continues.



Enams Locs, as a brand extension was established to provide quality, realistic looking and affordable dreadlocks extensions to clients who needed them not just in Ghana but across the globe. 

After about 3 years in business Enam's Locs has a trained team of motivated and dedicated young women who hand craft all your loc extensions with a great care and attention to detail. This in effect serves as a source of income for these young and dynamic women who have families to support.

We are passionate about providing quality loc extensions, haircare solutions as well as supporting our community through employment.

Have any questions or concerns? Get in touch with us and we'll respond immediately or within 24 hours.